Doshi Doshi Doshi,

Exhibition at Studio im Hochhaus

This exhibition is a collaboration with Annette Kisling and Leonard Wertgen.

The architect Balkrishna Doshi, born in 1927, had a decisive influence on the Indian city of Ahmedabad with his architectural work and his social commitment. In addition to his work as an architect, he is an urban planner, professor, theorist and founder of the architecture faculty of CEPT University in Ahmedabad. Starting point of the exhibition is an interview with the architect we held in 2016. The exhibition explores the philosophy of the architect by showcasing buildings through photography and film in four different rooms. These buildings include Institute of Indology (1962), Central Bank of India (1967), Premabhai Hall (1972), LIC Housing (1976), Sangath (1981) and Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore (1963 - 1983).

Since 2009, Leonard Wertgen and Jens Franke (in collaboration with Niklas Fanelsa, Marius Helten and Björn Martenson) have been researching about the city of Ahmedabad. The exhibition features a small fragment of this ongoing interest.

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