HD, 57:00 min., sound

After graduating from university a group of five friends decides to collectively plan and construct their first building: a DIY garage in Walsdorf, a small German town. The film documents a period of over six months in which the group of architects lives and works in a house close to the construction site. Warm summer nights are spent reminiscing shared experiences as well as discussing future collaborations. The construction process comes to an abrupt halt in the fall ultimately leading to the question: In what kind of structures do we want to work?

Since the economic success of various IT and hight-tech companies in Silicon Valley, the garage has been a mythical place of creative loners as well as the birthplace of globally successful companies. The garage is said to have utopian potential; as a place where undisturbed work, untamed creativity and the will for social change is possible.

The film was made by Jens Franke with Niklas Fanelsa, Marius Helten, Leonard Wertgen, Freya Winkelmann, Anna Wulf and Werner Wertgen.

Von der Vernunft der Kleinen Utopie, Maximilians Forum, 2019
Arbeitstipendium der Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Kunsthaus Hamburg, 2015
Short Version (04:52 min)