Two Houses,

HD, 38:00 min., sound

The film focuses on the interaction between the Bauhaus and Japan, based on two houses in the suburbs of Tokyo - Migishi Atelier and Bunzo Yamaguchi House. Both houses were designed in the 1930s/40s by Japanese architects, Iwao Yamawaki, a student at the Bauhaus, and Bunzo Yamaguchi, who worked in Walter Gropius‘ practice at that time, and are still privately owned today. The film documents the buildings’ architecture and tells the story of their inhabitants, providing glimpses of their current lives in and with the buildings.

Two Houses was made by Verena von Beckerath with Niklas Fanelsa, Momoko Yasaka and Maximilian von Zepelin in cooperation with Jens Franke.

Trailer, 03:42 min.